Nocturnal Enuresis /Bedwetting In Children

Bedwetting or cloth-wetting in children over age of 3yrs., who fail to inhibit the reflex to pass urine when the impulse is felt during waking hours and those who do not rouse from sleep of their own accord when the process is occurring during the sleeping state. Usually the children learn to control the bladder by instruction and learning. If a mother fails to give her child an opportunity to empty the bladder when he/she first begins to announce that he wants to void, he is liable to be retarded in acquiring control. Moreover, some mothers didn’t realize that children vary in the age at which they acquire control and become worried and start punishing the child for his failure and then child responds by refusing to use the toilet or by wetting. Psychological stress like unhappiness, insecurity, jealousy, hospital admission, domestic friction, or excessive strictness may not only delay the acquisition of the sphincter control but may cause loss of control which has already been established.

   In Allopathy, at the present time, children are advised for bladder training or given anti-depressants, including amitriptyline and nortriptyline or sedative or a diuretic, anticholinergics, etc. causing side effects and children usually don’t recover from it and continue to suffer bedwetting into adolescence and adulthood.

In Manglik homeo clinic, Dr.Sachin manglik have treated a lot of children suffering from this problems, some children complain of doing bedwetting once or thrice regularly( even into adulthood), some complaints of wetting clothes during the day. Some also complain of doing bedwetting at night whenever eaten sour things only. All parents who have come to us with their child doing bedwetting and feeling very helpless regarding the cure of their child disease are cured in our clinic.



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