Renal And Ureteric/Urinary Bladder Calculus

Renal stones are stones most commonly composed of calcium oxalate(80%), some contain magnesium ammonium phosphate and some are of uric acid. The cause is generally low fluid intake, high protein or salt intake, low calcium diet, high oxalate or urate excretion. They vary greatly in size. They may be particles like sand anywhere in urinary tract, or large round stones in the bladder. It may be present for years without giving rise to any complaint. Mostly, patients present with pain, recurrent UTI, or red cells appear in urine. When a stone becomes impacted in the ureter, an attack of renal colic develops (an intensified pain radiating from flank to groin and genitalia) in a few minutes and the patient becomes restless, changes position often to obtain relief , and can often result in nausea and vomiting and sweating. The pain can subside within two hours or persist for hours or days. It is generally diagnosed by X-ray (K.U.B) or USG or IVU (more accurate) and generally discovered during radiographic examination for another disorder.

In Allopathy, analgesic is given to relieve pain or removed by lithotripsy or via endoscopic surgery. There is no medicine for curing renal or ureteric calculus or bladder calculus.

In Manglik homeo clinic, Dr.Sachin manglik, is expertise in curing this disease and giving excellent results in majority of the cases (some cases are listed with reports in our cured cases in this website). In homoeopathy, medicines are there for curing this disease and preventing recurrence of stone formation in the urinary tract in the future so one can get rid of this disease permanently in homoeopathy.



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