VITAL FORCE            – >            DISTURBED       ->    DERANGED     ->    DISEASE (NORMAL – HEALTH)      (BY MICRO-ORGANISM)   VITAL FORCE      (SYMPTOMS)

It is the morbidly affected vital vital force ( spirit affected by micro-organism/virus/bacteria) alone that produces disease.

Disease may be defined as dynamic derangement of vital harmony of whole organism manifested first in sphere of sensation (feeling of illness & various unpleasant sensations), then in sphere of functions ( various functional disorders), then in the sphere of material constituents ( fluids, cells, tissues & body organs).

Disease is a morbid disturbance of action of vital force represented by Totality of Symptoms (named as disease) of patient. It is purely a dynamic disturbance of vital powers & functions. The tissue changes are only products of diseases which are not the object of treatment by medication.


When every perceptible symptom of disease/suffering of vital force has been removed, patient is cured.

Cure is “the gentle, rapid & permanent restitution of health in its entire extent, in shortest, most reliable & safest manner”.

Cure of disease (Dr. Hering law of Cure) is a restoration of health beginning at centre with symptoms :-

  1. disappearing from within outwards,
  2. spreading outwardly,
  • from above downward,
  1. in reverse order of their appearance, &
  2. from more important organs to less important organs.



A medicine is applied homeopathically to a sick person

Affect morbidly deranged vital force/spirit of individual through nerves

A stronger, similar, medicinal disease is produced by primary action of medicine removing weaker, natural disease permanently

Vital force/spirit is now merely medicinally disease. This medicinal disease is removed in two ways:

                                                                                                              ↓                                                                  ↓

Medicinal disease gradually                         Secondary curative

becomes weaker due to minuteness           action of vital force

Of dose & shorter & fixed duration                              ↓

Of medicine                                               Found in homoeopathic

              ↓                                               treatment only & is curative

 Now vital force is free from both         in nature & restores helath

Disease & medicinal force & so                   permanently


                                                                                     perfect health is restored.

                                                                                                                When exact opposite condition of primary

                                                                                                              Action is not possible- vital forc indifferentiates

                                                                                               Itself & employ its increased energy to extinct medicinal

                                                                                   disease which gradually decreases & ultimately regains health.

                                                                         This type of secondary action is known as secondary curative action.