LIFE       =       BODY        + MIND         +           SPIRIT / VITAL FORCE


                                 (maintains material body in living condition)                                                                


Health is a balanced condition of living organism in which vital force(i.e. immaterial, self-powered, self-acting, force or spirit in action perceptible to our senses when it works through material body) is functioning normally & harmoniously controlling, dominating & preserving the material organism & imparting life to it. The body moves, thinks & acts under control of vital force. Every manifestation( sensation & physiological function e.g. circulation,digestion, excretion, etc.) of life solely depends on it.

In healthy state, one neither feels the existence of his or her organs nor the functions carried out by them & every body organ follow will of man & so the balance of mind &  body is maintained.

Resistance is defensive reaction of vital force (spirit inside human being) to noxious element & organisms & disease- producing agents (virus/bacteria).

Nature has own means of protection against all outside disease influences (micro-organisms) & these micro-organisms are harmless to us in our normal condition as power of vital force is superior to infecting power of bacilli/other infecting agent under ordinary conditions so “Best protection against bacilli/infecting agent is good health”.