It will be convenient if you note down your symptoms before consultation.
We assure you that all the information provided to us will be kept confidential.

Homoeopathic case perceiving of a patient includes a detailed examination of the patient’s history including their physical, emotional and mental illnesses.

For example:- It is not sufficient for a homeopathic physician to know that you are having abdominal pain rather the patient should explain his problems by telling that “There is cramping pain in my abdomen on right side which increases or gets worse from slight motion, better from lying on abdomen, bending forwards.
The patients should try to give the details of their problems covering all the points clearly, correctly, completely & without any hesitation in the following manner to get a rapid cure in homoeopathy:-

Location/Site of problem or from moving from one site to other site? (name). e.g., upper arm, shoulder, legs, calf, etc.)
Sensation of problem? (stinging, cramping, stabbing, pricking, crawling, etc.)
Intensity of problem? ( Low, medium or high)
Duration of problem? (How long the problem exist or recur? how does it start?
How does the problem gets relieved or better & what worsen or increases the problem/ what you do to get relief from problem( ac to time-morning, afternoon, evening & night or at a particular time ; or according to posture- sitting, lying, standing, motion, etc.)?
How does the problem get started or stopped (suddenly or gradually)?
Discharge, if any from any body part (eyes, nose, ear, throat, mouth, genitals, lungs etc.)?

-quantity, color, smell, consistency-thin or thick, acrid (itch, burning, etc. ) or not/bland

What happens after the first Consultation? In future, whenever you consult your doctor, you have to mention:-
1. a change in your symptoms after starting the medicine?
2. the symptoms that have completely ended.
3. Are there any new symptoms?
4. the state of your health as compared to earlier?

We can state with full confidence that if you explain your problems/disease in this way to us then you will be cured permanently & rapidly.

Homoeopathic Online Treatment

Our consultation charges for treatment –Rs.300/- (valid for one month)Medicine charges Rs.30/-per day(can vary as per disease); (medicine to be taken three times a day). (within India). The courier charges (extra) .

The procedure to start the treatment is very simple.

Step 1 , Make a Call to Dr. Sachin manglik ( 09219616113, 09759362672 ) and discuss your case briefly with Dr. Manglik or post your query through given e-mail in our website.

Step 2. Transfer the money online in our Paytm Wallet Our Paytm Number is 9759362672 . After your payment is received, a online case form (ms word format) will be emailed to you or you will receive a call from Dr. Sachin manglik’s clinic.

Step 3- Email back the filled -up case form within the next 2-3 days. If more information is required, you will receive a call from Dr. Sachin manglik’s clinic discussing the issue.

Step 4 , The medicine will be mailed to you at your address within 2-3 working days.