1.  Can homeopathic medicines be taken along with allopathic medicines?

Ans: Yes, these can be taken simultaneously as per requirement. There is no conflict among them as both of them work at different level of the body. Allopathic medicine affects body on basis of quantity, whereas homeopathic medicines affects whole physical & mental functions of the body through the nervous system.

  1. Are homeopathic medicines safe for children, pregnant & breast feeding women?

Ans: Yes, Physical & mental development of children speeds up by taking homeopathic medicines & pregnant women can be saved from many serious problems that occur during pregnancy or delivery. There is a very high possibility that the milk gets dry by other medicines in breast feeding women.

  • Are physical & laboratory tests required in homeopathic treatment?

Ans: Yes, these are required for the analysis of disease & repeated during treatment to monitor whether it is getting cured or progressing.

  1. Is it necessary in homeopathic treatment for a doctor to know the mental & physical state of a patient?

Ans: Yes, it is very necessary for a doctor to know the mental & physical state of a patient because a disease affects both mind & body of a patient. Homeopathic treatment depends on both, physical & mental symptoms of a patient. Hence, a homeopathic doctor should know mental & physical symptoms of a patient for its complete cure.

  1. Is it necessary for a patient to tell all problems to homeopathic doctor?

Ans: Yes, homoeopathic treatment is based on treatment of totality of symptoms & there are no separate medicines for each disease. The peculiarity of Homeopathic  treatment  is that an individual medicine is chosen by keeping all the problems in mind of an individual, as a homeopathic doctor treats a man & not the disease.

  1. How to know that our disease is being cured?

Ans: Each disease have 3 fundamental factors: Intensity of disease, time of the disease & interval of recurrence of the disease.  Out of these, if either one of the three or all of the three gets reduced then this means that your disease is being cured.

  • What kind of diseases can be treated by homeopathy?

Ans: All kinds of diseases can be treated by homeopathy. Particularly, the diseases that occur repeatedly should be treated by homeopathy. Diseases that bring a permanent change in body, all such mental conditions that arise discomfort in patient & affect both body & mind, can be treated by homeopathy.

viii) Can homeopathic medicines be given with other medicines in emergency conditions?

Ans: Yes, homeopathic medicines can be surely given with other medicines because both the medicines work at different levels of the body. Other medicines work in body on the basis of quantity, whereas homeopathic medicines affects whole body with the help of nervous system.

  1. ix) Is it safe to get the treatment from anyone in the name of homeopathy?

Ans: Treatment should always be taken from a qualified & trained homeopathic doctor for speedy and permanent cure of old & serious diseases. It is extremely essential in homeopathic treatment to understand & write each of the symptoms in detail for a permanent cure of any disease. Thereafter, on the basis of these symptoms, the correct homeopathic medicine is selected out of the thousands of available homeopathic medicines with the help of repertorisation.

  1. x) Is it proper to get treatment at home by homeopathic medicines?

Ans: There is no harm in treating small diseases at home by gaining little knowlede of homeopathic medicines & rules. Everybody should surely keep some homeopathic medicines at home to treat small diseases & you can get a kit of these medicines from our clinic. The utilization of these homeopathic medicines is completely safe & effective.

  1. xi) Why homeopathy is not so popular even though it is safe, effective & cheap?

Ans: It is not so, Central Government’s Health & Medical budget contributes only 1 – 2% even so the homeopathic treatment is increasing day by day on the basis of its virtue & in developed countries patients taking homeopathic treatment are increasing at a rate of 15 – 25% per year.

  • What is suppression of symptoms?

Ans: In treatment of any disease, when strong medicines are used with an aim of getting rid of the symptoms & give comfort for a short while, then disease dosen’t end completely & symptoms of disease comes back over & over again, known as suppression of symptoms. It emerges out in the form of some other disease such as breathing problem on suppression of skin disease, heart problem on suppression of tonsils or joints pain, etc.

  • What points should be taken in to consideration for rapid cure by homeopathic treatment?

Ans:  Patient should give complete information about his disease affecting his body as well as mind. While explaining the symptoms/problems, patient should describe that how & when the disease aggravates, what causes disease to reduce, how does he feel at the place/exact position of  problem, does the problem move from one place to another, any relation of one problem with another.

  • What all are the ways of taking homeopathic medicines?

Ans: Homeopathic medicines work by exciting nervous system of the body so it is essential for medicines to come in contact with it. Homeopathic medicines should be taken in one of the following ways:

– The easiest way is to suck the medicine slowly.

– In emergency circumstances the medicine can also be given by inhalation.

  1. xv) What are the substances for making homeopathic medicines?

Ans: Homeopathic medicines can be made of any substance or every substance that affects healthy life. For example: plants, minerals, salts, animals, poisons, Living Beings, allopathic medicines, x- rays, diseased organs, etc.

  • Is it required to take homoeopathic medicines after being cured from disease?

Ans: No. If medicines are to be taken whole life then it is not cured. Homeopathic medicines don,t suppress but it ends the disease from its fundamental cause & cures the disease, makes the body absolutely healthy, so these are not required to be taken lifelong.

  • Can homeopathic treatment prevent from surgical treatment?

Ans: Many diseases for which surgical treatment is necessary, can be prevented (eg. nasal polypus, ear flow, multiple noncancerous  tubercle  in body, recurrent kidney stones, cyst in ovary, warts on body, corns in feet, piles, etc.) & all such diseases can be prevented from surgery by  proper homeopathic treatment.

  • Why does homeopathic doctor ask so many questions?

Ans: Homeopathic treatment is based on “treatment of an individual” therefore for a correct homeopathic treatment it is necessary to know each individual.  In Homeopathy we don’t treat disease but man in disease so, it can happen that 2 patients of different disease may be given same medicine or different medicine.

  • Can allergy be cured by homeopathy?

Ans: Yes, homeopathic medicines can relieve allergy from any substance. Because of acute sensitivity towards that substance, some symptoms appear in an individual known as allergy. E.g. urticaria from water, kid diarrhea from milk, some people get itching from cosmetics or cold air or warmth of bedcovers, etc.

  1. Why homeopathic medicines should be the first choice of treatment?

Ans: Homeopathic medicines do not leave any kind of ill-effects, neither of the disease nor of the medicine.

  • Are there antibiotics in homeopathy?

Ans: No. Bacteria & virus attack the body but are killed by the immunity system of body that keep the body healthy. Homeopathic medicines develop & strengthen the immunity system of the body to kill the bacteria & virus & so person gets long term strengthened immunity. On other hand, antibiotics kill bacteria & virus not strengthening our immunity.