A man’s life is full of stress so I’m giving you some advices which can can give you a stress free life & keeps you far from upcoming diseases in future.

The male path is filled with obstacles. It typically includes more failures than successes. These unavoidable stressful conditions sometimes leads to somatic or body disorders such as diabetes, thyroid problems, hypertension, erectile dysfunction, etc. & psychological illness or mental diseases such as depression, mood disorders,etc. so try to avoid stress & tension in life by sharing your thoughts & by searching a solution of the problem……..





Common diseases in Men:- Homoeopathy treats the man & not the disease.

The health of the male reproductive system is a reflection of overall well-being as well as sexual habits. We cover common man health concerns, including sexually transmitted diseases, urethritis, prostate problems, irritation of the foreskin, and less common serious problems of the testicles, etc.

In middle age, 30-40 yrs. Man suffers from benign hypertrophy of prostate (BHP) complaining pain, burning & scanty, intermittent flow in urine. This is very well treated in Homeopathy & there is no need of surgical treatment for it.

Moreover, those who complain of spermatorrhoea, erectile dysfunction or impotency (due to sexual excess or old sinners of masturbation) or premature ejaculation or low sperm count or motility causing sterility in males are also effectively treated by homoeopathy.
Mafioso: The 4 Stages Of A Man’s Life

Stage 1-Youth / Young, dumb & full of impulses

In this stage: You think with your heart.
Your mentor: Nobody.

Approximately  25 youthful years. In this stage, you’re far from being a man. Everything you do is reckless and unplanned. You’re a risk-taker as you don’t think about the consequences of your actions. You think of your needs, your desires. Worse, you think you know everything there is to know about life, yet you know nothing. Keeping your mouth shut and learning from others. Stay ambitious, but have a plan for that ambition. Find a good woman who can support you in every sphere of life.

Biggest strength: You’re fearless and ambitious.
Biggest weakness: You think you know it all, yet you don’t even know your own elbow.

Advice to Young Man to relieve stress in Life

I list few things and I hope that it serves to help some young man in his path to manhood:-

1)      What other people think of you isn’t nearly as important as what you think of yourself:- Follow your heart and believe in yourself.

2)      Use your heart and mind to become an agent of positive change.

3)      Real men do cry:-  Holding your feelings locked inside is not healthy, nor is it manly.

4)      Memorizing the answers isn’t as important as finding your own:- Never stop learning – every day brings a new lesson, if you are open-minded and not too full of yourself.

5)      Mind your own business:- Gossip and mean-spirited talk about others is a bad habit, and one which leads to small thinking. Let others live their lives as they see fit, and concentrate on living your own.

6)      Having a girlfriend isn’t as important as having friends who are girls:- If you really want to know about women, make friends with them, talk to them, and listen to them.

7)      Sex isn’t conquest:- Don’t do sexual sins or masturbation.You should concentrate on your aim or career, make yourself settled first rather you engage yourself in love affairs & sexual relationships with females. These can divert your mind & can spoil your future. You need to abstain or wait for marriage, & that you should consider that every girl is someone’s daughter or sister, so Respect females.

8)      Anyone can imitate, but it takes a brave soul to think for himself:- Listen to yourself – to what values and dreams are important to you, and live your life in accordance with those, not someone else’s.

9)      Making lots of money isn’t the point, but neither is it evil:- It would be wonderful if money solved everything, but those who ‘have everything’ also have whole worlds of trouble that you don’t.

10)  Don’t take yourself too seriously:-Nobody really enjoys being laughed at by others. However, learning to laugh at ourselves is an important skill to have.

11)  Love who you are, not who you think you ought to be:- All of us are born with something special to share with the world. You’re amazing & perfect just as you are. Follow your own counsel always, and trust your heart.

12)  Above all, be honest:- Be honest to your friends, your enemies, your parents, and most importantly, to yourself. When you look at yourself in the mirror, you want to be proud of yourself. If you make a mistake, admit it and make it right.

Stage 2- Older, smarter, but not wise yet

In this stage: You think with your heart and brain.
Your mentor: People who have accomplished what you want to achieve.

The second stage of life starts when things just start to “click.” In this stage of life, you start to respect and appreciate authority… You begin to fear things such as the risk of failure, the consequences of actions, of not being right. By now you’ve picked the women in your life: your wife. You should still be learning and listening, but now you’re taking action too. This is the enlightenment stage of your life and you revel in the chance to fulfill your destiny as a man. You make smart mistakes.

Biggest strength: You come to realize that you’re a student, and life is your teacher.
Biggest weakness: You’re still not a complete man; your legacy is unclear.

Advice: How to be a Better Husband to avoid stress in Life

The are few ways which can help you to maintain a strong relationship with your life partner:-

  • Ask, listen, learn & pay attention
  • Ask her to share something with you: Make a point of trying to get her to share some of her interests with you regularly, to show you something new and interesting in her world.
  • Share something new with her: Be willing to take the time to let her experience some of your world, through you, by sharing something which excites or energizes you. Maybe she’s bored to tears with your interests because you expect her to understand how you feel about it.
  • Do it together: Go with her to something she really enjoys, but which you avoid. Look for an aspect of it that you think she would appreciate.
  • Dream a little dream: Start setting aside regular times when you both can talk about and plan for the future.

Stage 3- The wise, older man

In this stage: You think with your brain.
Your mentor: No one, you’re the mentor.

The third stage of life occurs when you have acquired wisdom when you have reached this stage by your 50th birthday. The third stage is the greatest stage in life because this is where you come to terms with what you have and haven’t accomplished in life. You accept your shortcomings and failures, and enjoy your victories. You’re now ready to pass your wisdom and life experience on to others.You’re always learning, but now you do it because you enjoy it, not because you need it. You’re no longer a wise guy; you’re a wise man. you understand how everything in life works. Best of all, mistakes disappear, and you ration your words so that when you speak, everyone listens. You command respect and deserve it.

Biggest strength: You are wise. You are made.
Biggest weakness: You don’t take many risks.

Stage 4-The bitter, old man

On to the last stage of a man’s life, the one that comes right before you die…

In this stage: You don’t think with your brain, you’re senile.
Your mentor: Frank Sinatra.

Biggest strength: You likely become an intermediary in disputes.

Biggest weakness: You’re becoming irrelevant and don’t know it.