A 200 year old system of natural medicine can ease life for the woman at every Important stage in her life from the first step into Womanhood at Menarche to menopause. The Natural Holistic Healing Art of Medicine called Homoeopathy is a Boon to the Woman of today as she juggles the various roles of the Millenium Woman.

Homoeopathy, the holistic medical science of health has many therapeutic comforts to offer to the New Woman of Today. Women bodies are regulated by rhythmical monthly cycles— naturally. It’s however, not uncommon for subtle deviations of hormones, stress, environmental and dietary factors to upset this rhythmical balance. The homeopathic remedies help restore balance  safely and gently. Homeopathy understands women’s health issues with a women perspective — not because it’s mind/body medicine, but because it understands their delicate emotions as gently. Women, perhaps, have a far better emotional quotient than men, though most men wouldn’t agree with it. Homeopathy identifies this element too and incorporates its use in selecting the right medicine for a given illness.

Homeopathy also aims to treat women’s complaints not just in terms of hormones, but by way of a holistic approach that sets right the body’s imbalances from the inside-out. The health problems that women experience are related to hormonal imbalances, whether they are headaches that occur right around the time the period is due, to heightened emotional sensitivity, leading to angry outbursts or crying spells premenstrually, to the hot flashes of menopause.  Joint pains, gastrointestinal problems and innumerable symptoms and states in between, may also be hormonally influenced.  These problems are all amenable to homeopathic treatment and the women who seek homeopathy as an alternative to western treatment approaches have no regrets.

At Puberty, homoeopathy is very efficient in easing the pain of menses. Painful menstruation, profuse 0r scanty or intermittent flow of menses, menstrual irregularity can be cured by Homoeopathy well. Constitutional Homoeopathic treatment, results in regularization and normalization of the flow.
Acne, a common bane for teenagers is but a temporary problem once Homoeopathic treatment begins, it can give rise to a wonderfully clear blemish free skin with a healthy glow.

For instance, painful menstruation is a common complaint in women. This includes a dull pain in the lower back, along with abdominal cramps. Homeopathy looks into the possible emotional causes of painful periods, aside from probable “offenders” like pelvic infections, endometriosis (formation of cysts), fibroids, intrauterine devices, or discontinuation of the contraceptive pill.

     PMT (Pre menstrual Tension) becomes a mood of the past once homoeopathy takes over and helps bring equilibrium to the hormonal system. This has much broader positive consequences, as every modern woman knows that a happy, positive attitude gives more results in every field.

Migraine/Headache is common among females commonly due to emotional stress or hormonal imbalances and Hairfall is also common. Both can be treated & cured by Homoeopathy effectively.
       Fibroadenosis, a painful condition of the breasts with tenderness and nodular hardness of the breasts which is worse before menses is easily treatable with constitutional Homoeopathic medicine. Untreated Severe Fibroadenosis can in the long run result in growths in the breast.

The embarrassing Itch caused by infections from yeast, Candidiasis which affect the female genital system. Urinary infections also come within the scope of Homoeopathy. Irregular menses, heavy or scanty flow due to hormonal dysfunctions and conditions such as Polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD) can be treated with Homoeopathy.
The joy of Motherhood and the preceding pregnancy can be elevated to new heights with Homoeopathy.  Homoeopathic medicines are effective for Morning Sickness, reducing nausea and vomiting.In women who have difficulty in conception or history of recurrent abortions, homoeopathy offers Hope.Now, with the baby’ nourishment in prime focus; Homoeopathy can improve the flow of nourishing milk .

    Homoeopathy helps calming the jouney to the Menopause. Individualistic Constitutional Treatment is Ideal. Hot Flushes, Sleeplessness, Anxiety, Headaches, Gloominess are treated  efficiently by Homoeopathic Remedies.
This bring a brighter, happier perspective to the Woman who can then concentrate on her work ambitions, family and home environment, hobbies, friends without being held back due to physical discomforts. Homoeopathy takes into consideration not just the disorder, but also the characteristic presentation of symptoms in each woman — no two women present the same unique symptoms of an ailment, except its name. They are given two different remedies that suit their temperament and individuality. This is, of course, best done in an office consultation with a professional homeopathic physician – Manglik homeo clinic.