1) HOMOEOPATHY –Homoeos means similar, & pathos means suffering or disease.
ALLOPATHY- Allopath means dissimilar & pathos means suffering or disease.
2) HOMOEOPATHY- Homoeopathy is a method of curing sufferings by administration of drug experimentally proved to possess power of producing similar suffering in healthy human beings. i.e. system of symptom similarity.

ALLOPATHY- Allopathy is a system of therapeutics which has no fixed relation (i.e. heterogeneous) between drug & disease. In some diseases, prescribe medicine bearing opposite relation, sometimes similar & sometimes without any relation.
3) HOMOEOPATHY – Invented By Samuel Hahnemann (known to medical world since antiquity) who applied “Law of Similars” in field of therapeutics in a systematized way. Also Dr. Hahnemann coined the term “Allopathy”

ALLOPATHY- No particular inventor. Originated from emperical methods.
4) HOMOEOPATHY – Fixed principle/law of cure:- “Similia Similibus Curantur” means “like cure likes”.

ALLOPATHY- No fixed principle. Dosen’t feel necessity to discover therapeutic law of cure.Makes use of any approach best adapted to case in hand.
5) HOMOEOPATHY – Dynamic concept of disease:- Regards disease as dynamic derangement of vital force by morbific dynamic influences causing disagreeable sensations & irregular functions

ALLOPATHY- Materialistic concept of disease:- Regards diseases sum-total of structural & functional changes in body caused by some infection of bacteria, virus, parasites,etc. They ignore the dynamic vital force responsible for physio-chemical changes taking place in the body.
6) HOMOEOPATHY –Holistic concept of disease:- Tries TO treat patient as a whole not the particular diseased part.

ALLOPATHY- Local concept of disease:- Treats particular parts of body separately & misses the whole body.
7) HOMOEOPATHY- Drug proving on healthy human beings:- Tries to ascertain action of drugs by proving them on healthy human beings who are able to communicate their subjective symptoms to the experimentalist.

ALLOPATHY- Animal & laboratory experimentation:- Tries to ascertain action of drugs through animal & laboratory experimentations hence drugs used are unknown as regards their specific action on human beings.
8) HOMOEOPATHY- Individual medicine for individual patient :- Treats patient on the basis of Totality of Symptoms with most similar medicine- whatever may be nosological term for their disease condition, i.e. ten cases of same disease may require different medicine; whereas ten different disease – conditions may require same medicin
ALLOPATHY- Specific medicine for specific disease :- Tries to find out specific medicine named according to nosological schema.
9) HOMOEOPATHY- Only curative mode of treatment among system of medicines the world had ever seen

ALLOPATHY- Recover, palliate, suppress or complicate disease in the long run.