• Who listens attentively to complaints who seek his aid & dosen’t pronounce an opinion without mature reflection.
  • Who takes great pains to ascertain truth of all he hears & says.
  • Who knows how to give clear information respecting everything that belongs to his art.
  • Who prescribes but few medicines in homoeopathy.
  • Who dosen’t get angry except when he beholds injustice.
  • Who never turns away unmoved from any except flatterers.
  • Who is not silent respecting merits of his colleagues; but dosen’t praise himself.
  • Who is a friend to order, quiet & beneficence.

– Dr.Samuel Hahnemann

                                                        (Father of Homoeopathy)

                                                            (Ref: lesser writings)


Furthermore, the homoeopathic physician must be trained, qualified, (5 ½ yrs. Course) B.H.M.S. degree holder from a particular college in our country in order to be treated in safe hands & in order to be cured in a gentle, rapid & permanently way from your respective disease.